02 Feb 1943 Ovenden Born in New Alresford, Hampshire, into a Fabian household  
Summers 1951-3 Spent at Badgermoor House ( McAlpine home ) With Aunt who was nanny to McAlpine children.  
1954-59 Attended Itchen Grammar School taught music by Albert Ketèlbey.  
Up to 1959 During the 1950s Ovenden made regular trips from Southampton to London to take photographs of street scenes. Up until this time these were taken with a Box Brownie camera.  
29 Aug 1959 Obscene Publications Act bringing the 1867 act up to date. This was directed mainly at pornographic material, but did not define what was obscene and only covered the publication of this material.  
1962 Takes up painting  
31 Jul 1964 Small updates to Obscene Publications Act to include possession of material deemed to be obscene.  
1960-4 Attended the Southampton School of Art  
1965-8 Studied at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1968  
1969 Gallery 200, Amsterdam  
10 Feb-7 Mar 1970 Exhibition - Graham Ovenden
London : Piccadilly Gallery
13 drawings and 17 oil paintings including 4 portraits of Alice
WorldCat Listing
1-23 Dec 1970 Exhibition - Alice,br />Waddington Galleries II and III
Paintings, drawing and screen prints by Graham Ovenden and Peter Blake on the theme of Lewis Carroll's Alice. Exhibition also included works by several other artists.
c1970 'Alice Monitor Program' BBC Documentary also featuring Peter Blake. (No listing found) (No listing found)
2 Mar-26 Mar 1971 Critic's Choice
Arthur Tooth & Sons, 31 Bruton Street, London, W1
5 works, The Meeting, Oil on canvas, 35½" x 24", The Meeting (small version), Oil on paper, 11½" x 7¼", Belinda age 8 years, Oil on paper, 17" x 15¼", Landscape towards Tistead 1971, Charcoal and conté, 10¼" x 10½" and Untitled Drawing, 1971, Pencil, 12" x 15"

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Via archive.org

28 Mar-22 Apr 1972 The Piccadilly Gallery. London
11 paintings, 8 drawings and 7 prints
1972 Book - The Illustrators of Alice in Wonderland and Through the looking glass;
London, Academy Editions; New York, St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1972 Book - Pre-Raphaelite photography
London, Academy Editions; New York, St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1972 Book - Victorian Children
London, Academy Editions; New York, St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1972 Exhibition - Jane & Elizabeth
Uxbridge : Hillingdon Press
An exhibition of photographic portraits of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, from 13 January-11 March 1973
WorldCat Listing
1973 Move to Cornwall from London. Date used by court as alleged start of abuse, but discredited allegations predate this date.  
1973 Book - Hill & Adamson photographs
London, Academy Editions; New York, St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1973 Book - Victorian erotic photography
New York, St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1973 Book - A Liddell family album
Uxbridge [Middlesex] : Hillingdon Press
WorldCat Listing
1973 Book - Photography as art
? Publisher
WorldCat Listing
19 Feb-16 Mar 1974 The Piccadilly Gallery, London
8 paintings and 12 drawings
1974 Book - Alphonse Mucha photographs
London, Academy Editions; New York, St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1974 Book - Clementina, Lady Hawarden
London, Academy Editions; New York, St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1975 Ovenden was a founder of the Brotherhood of Ruralists along with Graham Arnold, Ann Arnold, Sir Peter Blake, David Inshaw, Annie Ovenden and Jann Haworth.  
1975 Lolita Drawings and Prints 1972-5
Waddington Galleries, London
1975 Book - A Victorian album : Julia Margaret Cameron and her circle
New York : Da Capo Press
WorldCat Listing
1976 Book - Nymphets & fairies : three Victorian children's illustrators
London : Academy Editions ; New York : St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1976 Book - Aspects of Lolita
London : Academy Editions ; New York : St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1977 Exhibition - Ovenden Drawings and Prints
Asard and Asard Gallery, Stockholm
1978 TV Documentary - 'Summer with the Ruralists' BBC Documentary with Peter Blake IMDb Listing
BFI Listing
17 Oct-11 Nov 1978 Exhibition - Graham Ovenden : paintings and drawings 1974-78
London : Piccadilly Gallery
WorldCat Listing
1979 Protection of Children Act makes taking of sexual images of children a specific offence rather than relying on the obscenity laws  
1980 Book - The illustrators of Alice in wonderland
New York : St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1981 Exhibition - Gallery XX, Hamburg  
10 Mar-4 Apr 1981 Exhibition - The Piccadilly Gallery, London  
1981 Exhibition - The Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg  
1981-84 Exhibition - David Inshaw, Graham Ovenden, Martin Axon : photographs 1957-1981
[Plymouth Arts Centre touring exhibition
Plymouth Arts Centre
WorldCat Listing
1981 Book - Graham Ovenden by Victor Arwas
London : Academy Editions ; New York : St. Martin's Press
WorldCat Listing
1981 Book - Graham Ovenden
London : Piccadilly Gallery
WorldCat Listing
1982 'Controversial' image taken for book 'States of Grace'  
1983 Exhibition - Graham Ovenden : photographs 1955-83
London : Olympus Gallery
WorldCat Listing
1983 Book - Satirical poems and others
St Columb, Cornwall, Turangalila Press
WorldCat Listing
1984 Book - Lewis Carroll
London : Macdonald
WorldCat Listing
1984 Exhibition of Photographs - The Olympus Gallery, London  
20 Mar-14 Apr 1984 Exhibition - The Piccadilly Gallery, London
14 oil paintings
13 Jun 1987 TV Documentary - The Artist, a Television South West Interview by Robert Robinson BFI Listing
Jul 1987 TV Documentary - Bats in the Belfry Home Sweet Home, a Television South West Interview by David Young BFI Listing
1-31 Jul 1987 Exhibition - Recent Paintings and Drawings
New Library, Exeter University
Featured Destroyed Old Red Sandstone Woodlands, near Exeter, 1987, Oil on panel, 12" x 18½".
27 Oct-18 Dec 1987 Exhibition - Charles Causley: A Tribute from the Artists
The Piccadilly Gallery, London
19 oil paintings; 6 drawings; 4 acrostic portraits (mixed media, with rhymes by Ovenden and black and white decorations by Brian Partridge); 3 cliche papiers
1988 Exhibition - Parco Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan  
1989 End of period abuse is alleged to have taken place according to Judge Cottle. Some 70 girls have been photographed by that time, but only one incident of any naked contact and second victim supposed to be present has never been identified. Two of the alleged victims refused to appear in court because they were adamant that nothing the police alleged ever happened during any photo shoots at Barley Splatt.  
1989 Exhibition - Other Worlds
Bearnes Rainbow, Torquay
1989 Exhibition - Images of Paradise
Christies at Harewood House
12 Jul-27 Jul 1990 Exhibition - The Piccadilly Gallery, London
Reviewed by Helen de Borchgrave in Arts Review, 13 July 1990, pages 394-5, including colour reproduction of Shropshire Valley (Oil).
1990 Exhibition - Summer Exhibition
Bruton Gallery
1992 Exhibition - Painters and Poets
Sterts Centre, Liskeard, Cornwall
16 Apr-16 May 1992 Exhibition - Street Memories
Portfolio Gallery, London
Private View: 15 April 1992
24 Jun-18 Jul 1992 Exhibition - Cabinet of Dark Secrets
Portfolio Gallery, London
Private View: 23 Jun 1992, 6 photographs
1 Jul-31 Jul 1992 Exhibition - Recent Paintings and Drawings
The Piccadilly Gallery, London
17 oil paintings, 6 drawings
1992 Book - States of grace : photographs, 1964-1989
Amsterdam : Ophelia
WorldCat Listing
28 May 1992 Prosecution in the US over 'States of Grace' is dropped after the model testifies in court that in the one page of the book identified as obscene she is not acting sexual and was never asked by Ovenden to so do. This image was taken when she was 8, but at this stage the US had no Child Pornography Legislation.  
10 Mar 1993 Obscene Publications Squad raid on Barley Splatt - Nothing seized was obscene and was eventually returned, and at this time no one was identified as having been abused.  
11 May 1993 TV Documentary - Lolita Unclothed Episode of Without Walls TV Documentary Series IMDb Listing
BFI Listing
1993 Exhibition - East End Photographs
Akehurst Gallery, London
1993 Exhibition - Over the Rainbow
Bearnes Rainbow, Torquay
24 Jul 1993 Exhibition - Recording angels : the work of Lewis Wickes Hine
Catalogue of an exhibition held at the University of Nottingham, July 24-Aug. 21, 1993
"All photographs, documents and books in this exhibition are from thecollection of Graham and Annie Ovenden"
WorldCat Listing
1994 Concept of pseudo-photograph added to the Protection of Children Act.  
1994 Book - Family found : the lifetime obsession of self-taught artist, Morton Bartlett
New York, N.Y. : Marion Harris
WorldCat Listing
3 Oct-8 Nov 1994 Exhibition - Back to the Drawing Board (The Nude)
White Lane Gallery, Plymouth
Also featured work by Graham Arnold and David Inshaw
18 May-23 Jun 1995 Exhibition - The Piccadilly Gallery, London
15 oil paintings
10 Feb-08 Apr 1996 Exhibition - Die Kraft Der Builder at Martin-Groplus-Bau, Berlin
"The Power of Pictures" - Exhibition of the Artists' Association
Josie (1993-4) and Exmoor (1994) exhibited
1997 TV Documentary - 'For the Sake of the Children' Channel 4 Discussion Program with John Wadham, Ron Oliver and Roger Moody BFI Listing
1998 Book - Childhood streets
Berkeley, CA : Ophelia Editions
WorldCat Listing
4 Jan 1998 'Curiouser and Curiouser: Lewis Carroll 1898-1998' BBC Omnibus Program with Alice Liddell, Ralph Steadman and Michael Bakewell BFI Listing
21 Apr 1998 'For the Love of Alice' Episode in the For the Love of' series by Jon Ronson IMDb Listing
7-20 Nov 1998 Exhibition - Surrealist Realist Ruralist
Byram Gallery, Somerset College of Arts and Technology, Taunton
Private View: 8 November 1998
Sep 1999 Review of Childhood Streets in Photo Metro Magazine See In Print
02 Jun 2000 Grace Lau interview for the British Library sound archive British Library Pt 1
British Library Interview
01 Dec 2001 Entry in 'Censorship: A World Encyclopedia' See In Print
2003 Book - Acrostics
London : Artists' Choice Editions
WorldCat Listing
2005 Exhibition - The Brotherhood of Ruralists and the Pre-Raphaelites
London : Leicester Galleries
WorldCat Listing
? Nov 2006 Second raid on Barley Splatt  
2007 Book - Viriditas : an arboreal alphabet or acrostic
Church Hanborough, Oxford : Inky Parrot
WorldCat Listing
2007-11 Touring Exhibition - Controverses: A legal and ethical history of photography, curated by Daniel Girardin, Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland. Included own works and woks from his collection.  
2008 Further amendment to Protection of Children Act as to what constitutes an 'image'. It is worth adding that there is still no legal definition as to what is Indecent , but the sentencing guidelines set a minimum classification of an erotic pose.  
19 Jun-18 Oct 2009 Exhibition - Pastoral Visions
Dimbola Lodge, Isle of Wight
Landscape paintings
Orchard Moon was reproduced on the Dimbola Lodge 2009 printed programme of events.
22 Jun 2009 Exhibition - The truth about faeries : from a Midsummer night's dream to the Lord of the rings
Southampton City Art Gallery, 22nd June to 13th September 2009
WorldCat Listing
21 Oct 2009 Trial charged with 16 counts of creating ‘indecent’ photographs or pseudo-photographs of children, but again no aligation of abuse.  
22 Oct 2009 The jury was discharged and a new trial date set  
09 Apr 2010 After a five-minute hearing, the case was thrown out by the judge as two key prosecution witnesses, police officers who had searched his home three and a half years earlier, failed to appear in court.  
19 Apr 2010 The Western Morning News said the Child Abuse Investigation Team of the Metropolitan Police, the force which had carried out the three and a half-year investigation for the trial, was investigating Ovenden over allegations of child sex abuse. ( Western Morning News website currently down so unable to verify what was actually reported ) ( Western Morning News website currently down so unable to verify what was actually reported )
11 Mar 2013 Trial at Truro Crown Court starts ... 9 charges relating to 4 girls  
02 Apr 2013 Majority verdict on 7 charges after charges relating to 3 of the four girls are dismissed by Judge Cottle. Only one guilty verdict actually related to 'sexual contact' over an incident the Ovenden insists never happened and the third person alledged to be precent has never been identified.  
04 Jun 2013 1 Year Suspended Sentence  
09 Oct 2013 Appeal changes sentence to 2 years 3 months Custodial  
13 Oct 2015 Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court - Confiscation hearing in front of Judge Elizabeth Roscoe - historic works to be destroyed.  
21 Oct 2015 Question asked in House of Lords of the destruction of works of art.  
19/20 May 2016 Isleworth Crown Court Appeal on confiscation order overturns Judge Roscoe on over 60 images.