The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game

So now a new religion's taught
creation's progress nought to naught.

If you will, though some might find this cold conversion
little more than mere perversion.
Indeed, division, multiplication, subtraction
their interreaction's but a fraction of the truth.

The numeric half that masks as whole …
What theorem can devise a soul
resolve its essence to a mark,
inert equations dead and stark?

There's love … No mere a lograrithmic flight
the flowed fields – but nature's blight.
The sun flecked dew inversion too
look Noah's two by … No, just 2.
For symbols are food of thought
(and thus with lies our grace is bought).

Yes, this is the matter made by man
to measure all that physics can.
Poor physic to those left to strife
whose only comfort – numbers rife!