Come Dine With Me. The Daily Mail On Line.

What the Daily Mail on Line has omitted to say in its article by Leon Watson published on the 12th March 2013 is that in regards to the pretended victim CM, Mr Ovenden was found NOT GUILTY on all charges laid against him by her. Also that her mother Lucy O'Shea was less than enthusiastic towards she and her daughter's relationship. As usual the Daily Mail shows itself to be incapable of an honest and accurate account of proceedings in a court of law, or anywhere else for that matter. It is no surprise that the Mail journalist Levy, if the letters of his name is reversed and then pronounced phonetically, spells Evil i.e. Yvel which is more than a just evaluation of this near criminal organisation. The fact that this article has remained on line for over five years shows, not any particular news value but simple and crass vindictiveness – you must allow me to return the 'compliment' with this little ditty.

THE DAILY MAIL (It's words are way beyond The Pale)
no doubt its office works from Hell …
The Devil's first to get each issue in its posting box:
yes hear the pleasure as he skins this pox.

For each new story tops the last in lies
and if by chance an essence of a truth applies
he rages at the hack whose whored his hate,
the writer mumbled, words, now bait.

The Editor (the predator in chief)
each night he acts as were a thief
and steals the name of truth … He'll
fill his belly with pretence until
it swells like some vile, seeping wen of greed,
a corrupted growth and cancered seed.

So thus the hag is whored, both raped and bled
till words mean little other than the spite he's shed.
The ghost of Streicher, his delight
to see the storm of print take flight …

But then, as like, the Devil's feature page will cost him dear
for Yvel evel's paid with coin of fear!